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Survey Software That Is Extremely Versatile

Survey Said™ is the Master of media deployment environments. Surveys can be deployed on Laptops, Kiosks, Diskettes and Local Area Networks (LANs). Survey Said™ can generate beautiful paper surveys that can be scanned in or the results can be entered using our Survey Respondent program with the Auto Advance feature to facilitate rapid data entry. Survey Said™ can generate four different and distinct formats for deployment on the Internet. Check out our new Multi-Screen Web survey presentation. Survey Said™ has all the question types you’ll need to create a comprehensive questionnaire. It has been used by thousands of researchers to administer tens of thousands of surveys to millions of respondents. In fact, some of the most prominent names in market research use Survey Said™ as well as many market research firms that were founded using Survey Said™ as their survey tool. We have survey software solutions for: Trade Shows, Product Testing, 360 Surveys, Customer Satisfaction, Call Centers, Client Feedback, Retail, Medical, Student Services, and just about any other survey environment there is.

Survey Software That Is Cost Effective

Now you can purchase a fully featured survey software package that can perform Paper, Kiosk, Laptop and even Internet Web Surveys for less than $700. There are no limits to the number of surveys you can create or to the number of respondents who can answer a survey (unless  of course you consider 1 billion respondents per survey a limitation). When you purchase Survey Said™ there are no additional maintenance or support fees (unlike most of our competitors). You get unlimited technical support at NO additional charge. When was the last time you received any, much less free technical support from a software vendor? How is it possible to provide free technical support? Because Survey Said™ is TRULY easy to use. Chances are good you won’t need it, but if you do, we are here to help you with any questions you may have!

Survey Software That Is Easy to Use

At least that’s what we’ve been told. Our customers keep coming back to Survey Said™ as their survey tool of choice because it is powerful, yet easy to use. Many of our customers tell us, that when it comes time to upgrade, they begin to look around at other survey software solutions. After evaluating the competition, they are back using the latest version of Survey Said™, because they tell us, “there is nothing better than the product we’ve been using right along.” That makes our effort all the more gratifying. And our Internet Survey Machine is so easy to use, it is being implemented as an ASP “service” within companies and universities around the world! In fact, it is even being used by some educational institutions as a teaching tool for Marketing 101 classes. But don’t take our word for it, or even those who use Survey Said™. Discover the ease of using Survey Said™ yourself. Download a copy of Survey Said™ today and get started with a fully functional demo of  Survey Said™.

Survey Software Loaded With Features

After many years of excellent customer feedback, we’ve learned what features are important and what is fluff. We have eliminated the fluff, you know, the features that get in the way or make the software unnecessarily hard to use. That’s right, we’ve actually removed features that customers have told us are not worth the complexity. But do not confuse fluff elimination with lightweight features. From a robust question type repertoire, to features such as survey cloning, verbatim analysis, response coding and three survey analysis presentation modes, we think you’ll find the features in Survey Said™ that make the difference between fluff and real power. Here are some of those powerful features in detail.

Innovation - 20 Years of Survey Said™

With its 20 year heritage of leading edge innovation, Survey Said™ has led advances in the survey software market in many key areas. Survey Said™ was the first commercially available software product for administering Internet Web based surveys. It was also the first commercially available survey software product to run in a windows environment. Imagine a survey solution that has evolved since 1991 when most PCs ran DOS and the Internet was virtually an unknown network.

A consistent technology leader providing survey software solutions
to marketing research specialists, Survey Said™ provided the first:

Windows available survey software (1991)                          Java 1 applet survey presentation (1997)

Scroll bar as a relative input device (1992)                           Java 2 applet survey presentation (1999)

Windows based survey by diskette (1993)                             Java 2 survey creation tool - ISM (2000)

First Internet Web HTML surveys (1994)                            Unique Multi-Screen presentation (2004)

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